Saturday, March 10, 2012

PLN- Project #10

This is a screen shot of what my PLN looks like. I was already a member of several of the websites that were on the PLN as I started working on it. Some that I added were Pinterest, Skype and the University of South Alabama homepage. I was confused at first when I started working on my PLN but I found out that it was very interesting after I figured out the use of it. It is such a great tool to have because it saves time having to type web address in and searching for them on google or other search engines. A PLN reminds me of Pinterest in a way. For those of you who do not know what Pinterest is, it is a website where there are people all over the world "pinning" things to a board they have made and viewers all over the world can see them. I catch myself sometimes pinning things that I want to do in my classroom. I find it very similar to my PLN. I hope to add more blocks to my PLN as I go on in my schooling and throughout my teaching career.

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