Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blog Assignment 1

1.      Hi! My name is Sara Cardwell. I am from Moody, Alabama. For most of you that do not know where that is, it is about thirty minutes east of Birmingham, Alabama. I graduated from Moody High School in May 2009. I attended Jefferson State Community College for two years before transferring to the University of South Alabama. I am currently a sophmore and in the Elementary Education program. I have one brother named Justin. He is 23 years old and attends Mississippi College in Clinton, Mississippi. While I am not attending class, I am a nanny for two children named Briggs and Briley. They are five and seven years old.
       The reason I want to enter the field of Education is because I want to make a difference in childrens lives. With working at a daycare since I was 15 years old, I believe that had a big impact on my decision. I have a huge passion for children and seeing the progress throughout the stages in life. I have had several people to tell me that I should not go into this field because teachers do not get a lot of recognition they deserve. I do understand that, but that is not what I am looking for in this career. I am there to teach the students and be a role model for them.

About me section

Randy Pausch Video- Time Management
After watching the Randy Pausch's video on Time Management, one thing that stood out to me is that one needs to make a plan for each day, week, or maybe even semester. When you get up in the mornings the plan that you have will begin. Also, if you have a problem getting everything finished that is on your list, then break them down into smaller sections. With doing that, one is more capable of handling small sections rather than the whole plan as one.

Penn State University-Time Management Exercises and Time Mangement Lessons
I do sometimes have problems with time management. As I read Penn State University's pages on Time Management Exercises and Time Management Lessons, I realized that I do need to monitor my time more effectively. I can eight out of ten times work my schedule out so that I have time to do everything that I need to in the time frame that I have alloted for it. Also, writing dates down in a planner is one major thing that I am working on and going to follow through with this semester. I do believe that will help me with my managing my time more effectively.