Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blog Post #8

Dr. Richard Miller

Dr. Richard E. Miller describes how writing in our society is undergoing a large change in it's history. At the beginning of the movie, Dr. Miller describes the importance of books in a childhood and how he always dreamed of working in a environment that books had a role in when he got older.

The idea that greatly influenced this movie is the use of the internet and what all we can find on the internet without even having to go into a library or reading a book. From past experience, when I was little and had to do a project, our teachers would always send us to the library with pencil and paper and tell us to do our research. Now days, students can sit in their classrooms on the computers and do their research there. Technology has advanced so much over the past few years. I am a nanny for two children and in their classrooms at school they have at least 3 computers and one computer that is for the SmartBoard. They are very smart when it comes to computers and knew way more things about a computer than I did when I was there age.

I am a big fan of how technology is becoming more interacted with the students in school these days. I feel that it is a great way to get them used to using them in the future. Although, I do believe that students should also have to use pen and pencil sometimes in the classroom as well. That also gets them used to the "real world".
This Is How We Dream

Carly Pugh
Carly Pugh is a fellow student at the University of South Alabama. Carly created a playlist on YouTube with videos that described her teaching philosophy. When comparing Carly's post and Dr. Miller's post one thing that stands out the most to me is that Carly wants to have projects such as blogs, podcasts, and audio books in here classroom; where as Dr. Miller wants more of everything that a student does be done on the internet. I believe that in a classroom students should use the computer as well as the old school pen and paper to do their assignments.
Carly's Blog

The Chipper Series vs. EDM is Different
I found The Chipper Series to be very entertaining. Chipper is a person who thinks that she can step-up the system and breeze through life without giving much effort at all. After the FAA shut down her "so-called school" Timeline, she decides that she is going to be a teacher. She finally sees that the madness of EDM310 is worth it in the end. No, EDM310 is not a breeze. It is totally different than the other classes that I have. I have learned so much new information and tools from EDM310. I can now use Google Docs, make a podcast from scratch, start and maintain a blog, and tweet with other teachers and students. Stating your opinion and how you think about things is a great way to stand out in the world and make people notice you. I believe that previous students from EDM310 have created great how to videos for current students in the class. At the moment I can not think of a video idea that I would like to create. However, I hope to in the near future. I believe that having videos that you can go watch and get the how-to's for something had made this semester in EDM310 so much easier for me.
EDM310 for Dummies

Learn to Change, Chage to Learn
The video Learn to Change, Change to Learn in composed of several people who are very knowledgeable about the education system today. One fact that stood out to me the most was "Education was ranked the lowest, below coal mining." That was after they ranked 55 industry sectors by their level of IT intensiveness. That right there should make people stop and think. That fact should make people who are in the education field today want to step their game up and get more involved with the technology advances that are being made each and every day. I can not wait until I am able to walk into a classroom full of my very own students and be able to have the most fun you can at school. The most exciting thing to hear is that a child had fun at school that day, not it was boring and he or she hated it.

Scavenger Hunt 2.0
The scavenger hunt was a great idea. I found it very interesting to see how much stuff is actually on the internet that can be used in the classroom today. Here are some things that I found.

1. Smart Board Revolution is a website that I found to very similar to the popular Facebook. It is a website that allows teachers all across the world to develop and share projects that they have created on or for the Smart Board. I have used the Smart Board in a few classes at the University of South Alabama and I found it very interesting how it all works. I also see that throughout the school systems in Mobile and in the surrounding areas, classrooms are using them as well. I would have loved to have something like this as a child instead of the normal chalkboard or whiteboard.
Smart Board Revolution

2. A tool that I found that would be interesting to use if a person was doing a slide show or some sort of project that involved pictures. The name of it is Picsviewr. It allows you to edit your pictures and make them more appealing to the eye. It also helps to make your photos into more stimulating presentations. I would love to use this for future projects in school and also in my own classroom.

3. I decided to make my own poll. The tool that I used to make my poll is called Polls Everywhere.

Create your own sms poll at Poll Everywhere


  1. Hey Sara. I really enjoyed reading your blog post.You did a really good job explaining what was in the videos and posts. I also agree with you that student need to learn about technology but the old ways should not be taken out completely.Very Good post.

  2. Sara,

    I enjoyed reading your post. It seems like the assignments for this blog post were very interesting to you! I also agree that kids should never totally give up handwriting skills. I noticed some grammatical errors such as using "a" instead of "an" and "it's" instead of "its." Be sure to proof read and correct these mistakes in future blog posts.