Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blog Post #7

The Networked Student
I enjoyed watching The Networked Student video by Wendy Drexler. It was very entertaining and to the point. I also enjoyed how they had cartoon pictures to tell the story instead of real people. I think that it made it more enjoyable for children if they were to watch it. I believe that connectivism is a great theory to follow in a classroom. This type of learning allows children to create a PLN and learn things by themselves. There are various podcasts that students can subscribe to and they can listen to them and learn new things.

By creating a PLN, it allows students to visit many sites and get different information about the subject that they are currently learning about in the classroom. It also allows students to interact with other students across the world and they can share ideas about the same subject that they are studying.

I feel that teachers should be in the classroom for the students in case they may have a questions about what they are learning. Learning has evolved so much over the years and students are more in a self-learning basis. It is commonly seen in today's school classrooms where technology is being used more and more. Teachers are also there to help the students pick out the bad information they have collected from the bad. Also, teachers are there to filter the content that the students can find on the websites from their PLN.

The Networked Student

A Seventh Graders PLE

The video that I watched of the seventh graders PLE was very impressive. I know that when I was in seventh grade, I did not know that much about the internet and would not have been able to create something like that. Her PLE is larger than my PLN but with time mine with grow once I get used to using it. I hope to have several educators websites so that I can use them in my very own classroom.

A Seventh Grader's PLE


  1. Just wait until the kids born this year are in the 7th grade!

    Teachers also have to create the environment in which learning takes place. that is a challenge a lot of teachers never think about. They just want to follow the plans of others. That often does not work!

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