Saturday, March 10, 2012

C4T #2

Jenna Bentley's Blog

Is the glass half empty or half full?
In Jenna Bentley's blog, the first post that I read was talking about peoples outlook on life is so critical to how we live our lives. Some people think it is easier to look at everything that is wrong with out lives, and we tend to drown in our problems rather that embracing the joys of our lives. A quote that she stated in her post was, "He didn't need any other bribe other that his love for life." Time get hard, situations get old and belief withers away. But if you can see past that, if you can open your eyes enough to look at your problems head on, then don’t be worried – everything will be okay.

I commented on her blog and said, I enjoyed reading your post about the saying is the glass half empty or half full? I love the sentence that states, “he didn’t need any other bribe other than his love for life.” That sentence is very powerful. Also, the last paragraph of your post caught my eye. I believe every word you said. I wrote that paragraph down and posted it in my notebook for school. (: Thanks for the motivating words.

Jenna Bentley's Blog

The second comment that I left on her blog was the blog post called Recipe for Defeating Fear. In this blog post Ms. Bentley talked about many people having dreams of being fearless. But in most cases that is not true. Standing tall, and facing fear right in the eyes and defeating it with one swift motion. To do that we have to find the cause of fear, accept it, and face the reality of its outcome. She states that there are two steps that you must overcome to face ones fear. Step one Coming to terms with the fear you are trying to face and step two taking action. Everyone must face their fear so that they can go on with their everyday life. Fear is just something that we must face, accomplish it, and bear with the reality of the outcomes.

In response to her blog post, I commented back on it and said I am a student in Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed reading your blog post. It was very helpful with me and facing everyday fears. Many people in today’s world have fears that they are scared to face. But that is a major problem. If they do not face them then they will not be able to move on with their life.

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