Thursday, March 1, 2012

C4K Summary of February

C4K Summary #1:

Jose's Blog

In the blog that I commented on, Jose stated that he writes because his teachers tell him to and because he likes to express how he feels about a situation.

I commented back to his blog and told him that that was a very good quality to have. Not a lot of people like to write. There will be times when his teachers to tell him to just write about something, then there will be times that his teachers will give him something to write about. With that being said, I then told him to make the best of what the subject is that his teacher gives him to write about and put good imagination in it.(:

C4K Summary #2:

Tolman's Blog

In Tolman's blog post that I read, he talked about riding snowmobiles. He said that it was fun because you go fast. He also likes to do jumps while he is riding his snowmobile because he feels like he is gliding in the air. He rides with his mom and dad in the big open field that they have.

I really enjoyed reading your blog post about riding snowmobiles. It seems as if it is something that you really enjoying doing. I unfortunately have never road a snowmobile before. I think I would be very nervous about that. I am not a big fan of riding something that goes fast and not having some sort of seat belt. Also, you mentioned you liked to jump while riding. I could never be able to do that. I would be a nervous wreck the whole time. Thank you for sharing your love for snowmobiles. I hope that you are very safe while riding them as well. One minor thing that I would like to point out is that you "i's" in your blog post are not capital. That is a very important thing to do when you are riding.

C4K #3

Ryan's Class Blog

In Ryan's blog he told about the party called Fat Tuesday. He described the colors green, gold, and purple and what they meant. Green stands for faith, purple stands for justice, and gold stands for power. He also told about the special cake they have called the king cake. There is a small baby hiding in the cake and whoever finds it in their slice of cake has good luck for the year to come and then in return has to buy the cake for the next year.

I enjoyed reading your post about New Orleans and Fat Tuesday. I found it interesting about what the three colors meant. I had no idea that there was meaning behind the colors for Mardi Gras. One thing that I do suggest when writing a post is to spell check your paragraph and make sure there is correct punctuation throughout the post. Other than that the post was good and I learned something from it.

C4K #4


In the blog that I read, the student's name was never mentioned. But the student was talking about taking a cruise with his family. He said that him and his siblings would try to be really nice to each other and they would listen to each other more. He/she said they could also all play a bunch of games or if they didn't want to do that they could relax as a family. He/she said that it would be cool to say that they have been to a specific place if they study it in school. He/she said that going on another cruise would be one of the best memories of their life!

I replied back and said, I enjoyed reading your post about going on a cruise. I have been on a cruise before and it was so much fun. I liked how you said that you and your siblings would try to be really nice to each other. That is something that I would say to my parents about my brother and I. Family vacations are always fun and great times to have bonding time. Also, it is fun to be able to say I have been there when you are learning about places in school. It’s neat to see if fellow classmates have been there as well.

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  1. Well done! Jumps with snow mobiles. rare in Mobile. That's why we go around the world in C4K!