Sunday, April 1, 2012

C4K Summary of March

In March, I was assigned to a student by the name of Anna to comment on her blog. Here is the link to her blog Class 12 Blog.

In her blog she wrote, Once there was a boy called Plop.Plop was 11 year old,his father dead and his grandma was ill because his father dead.So Plop’s mom told him to give some food to is grandma,and he did. At first,Plop didn’t know the door wasn’t locked,and he’s knocking the door,but his grandma was too ill to stand up,and she said.”Oh!Plop dear,I can’t stand up,just open the door,I didn’t lock it.” Plop try to open it but just befor he going in,an UFO fell off from the sky and fall front of Plop and blast him away. When he felling,he grab on a tree and …fell down from the tree.The good thing is he’s not dead but he’s crying because he break his finger on a branch and he go home with his mom.

I commented back and said,
I loved reading your story. At first I thought it was real but after I read the whole thing I figured out that it was a dream. It was a very exciting and had a unexpected ending! (:
Best wishes,
Sara Cardwell

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