Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blog Post #13

The purpose of this blog post was to give a reflection of how it was going 24 hours without using technology. For me, it was very hard. The main thing that I had a problem not being able to use was my cell phone. I live four hours from home and I always have my phone with me. I never know if something is going to happen or if my family may have a emergency and need to contact me. Also, I am a nanny for 2 children in Fairhope after school and not being able to communicate on the phone with their parents made it hard for me to find out what days I had to work or what the children had planned for that week. Going without the television was not particularly that hard for me. I am a type of person that can go without watching television. I find that I can accomplish more if I do not have the temptation of watching the television.

I believe that going 24 hours without using technology was a hard thing for me to do but it did make me realize how I do not spend time for myself or the time that I should for homework and/or studying that I need. In my future classroom, students will be allowed to use some technology for some classroom assignments or projects, but the whole classroom by no means will be ALL technology composed.


  1. What happened? Did you make it without using technologies for 24 hours? I will put you in the Unknown category since you did not say. You should have made it clear, however, since that is the most important thing for you to have revealed!

    1. Yes I did make it! Sorry, I did not put that in my post. But, I did make it. Even though it was hard, I did make it.