Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blog Post #12

How will you teach me in the 21st Century?

Watch this video posted from a student at Full Sail University where she he completing her Master's degree in Education Media and Design Technology. After watching the video, give a short summary of what you got out of the video. Also, give some of the technology that is in today's world that you could incorporate in some of your own classrooms in the future.

After watching the video, "How will you teach me in the 21st Century?" I learned that there are many many many uses of technology in the classroom as well as in the world today. Everyone uses technology in some sort of way. You can teach a classroom using many things from the technology world today. From email, surfing the wed, phones, ipods, ipads, academic computer games, and even something as simple as microsoft word. When using just the normal pen and paper, some children's creativity does not get expressed very well. But if you use the computer, the possibilities for the work to be created by the student is endless. In my classroom in the future, one major thing that I am going to use is the internet. I will have some sort of activity at least three times a week for each and every student to complete on the computer. That way when they get older, they will have some sort of some computer skills already and will not have to learn them all at once.


  1. To make the video fit on the column you can edit the width which can be found in the embed code.

  2. Hello Sarah,
    Great job on the post. I really enjoyed the post. I hope that you one day incorporate some of these methods into your own classroom one day.