Tuesday, February 7, 2012

C4T #1

Jarrod Robinson aka Mr. Robbo- The PE Geek
The PE Geek

Top "APPS" for PE Teachers- Part 8
In the first C4T that I commented on, Mr. Robinson was talking about the various types of activites and apps that you could have on your mobile device to use when you are working out and exercising. The one that caught my attention was iCelsius. The description of that is your iphone or ipad can measure your bodys temperature while you are performing various exercises.

After I read his blog, I commented back and asked him if he has personally used any of the apps or activites that he described in his blog. I would want to know if they actually did work from someone who has used them before I downloaded them to my phone.

Top "APPS" for PE Teachers- Part 10
In the second C4T that I commented on, Mr. Robinson named seven more apps that could be downloaded and used in the PE classroom setting. Those seven include Instant Replay Camera, Tap A Lap, Fleetly Fitness, MyFitness Pal, Instant Replay: 5 Seconds Back, Kinetic GPS and 10K Runner. He describes what each app is and what the functions of it are.

After reading this blog, I commented back on it and told him that I used MyFitness Pal myself. Even though I was not a PE teacher, I found it very useful. I found it interesting that some apps that lots of people have, teachers actually use in their classrooms today.


  1. I wish there was a link to his blog so I could check out some of the apps. They might be helpful in my PE class this semester!

  2. I'm sorry I did not post the link.

    Here it is.
    PE Geek